When to start using pregnancy pillow?

When to start using pregnancy pillow

“I am 20 weeks pregnant now, and I’m starting to experience backaches. I thought that sleeping with a pregnancy pillow would be an ideal solution, but I’m not sure if it’s too early for that. Would you please advise me on the right time to start using a pregnancy pillow and if it’s going to help me?”

Such are questions that many expectant mothers are always asking.

As you know, pregnancy comes with its share of aches and discomforts which end up disrupting your nights of sleep.

I know you’re also seeking the right answer on the right time to start supporting your back and your growing belly with a pregnancy pillow. And there’s not a shadow of a doubt that this will help you lead a comfortable pregnancy life.

To help you out, we have come up with a useful guide below that explains to you the right time to grab that maternity pillow and make your bedtime more comfortable and restful…

Is There ‘The Right Time’ For Expectant Women,

When to start using pregnancy pillow

Let me start by unraveling this query since it has remained a mystery to almost all the pregnant women:

In the simplest words possible: There’s simply no right time or the wrong time to start using the pregnancy pillow to support your body.

However, there are certain weeks along the pregnancy that you’ll find the pregnancy pillow being more beneficial. Typically, you’ll start feeling a strong urge when your pregnancy hits 20 weeks.

Why is this so?

It’s at this stage that your womb will start growing bigger to accommodate the developing baby. This will lead to the aching of the round ligaments as well as other pains.

Apparently, this is the same stage where most pregnant women start experiencing back pain.

Again, remember that you can use a pregnancy pillow at any time during your pregnancy. So, if you feel the need to support yourself, go for a great pillow regardless of the stage of your pregnancy.

When to start using pregnancy pillow

How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow?

Probably, it’s your first time using this unique pillow, and you can’t figure out how to use it because it has a unique shape, unlike the regular pillows you’re used to.

Or you used one last time, and it didn’t work well with your condition? This might be because you used the cushion wrongly.

And in this section, I’ll hold your hand and walk you through the various steps you need to observe to get the most out of your pregnancy pillow.

Let’s begin:

Start By Choosing A Great Pregnancy Pillow That Meets All Your Needs

Identify The Roof of Your Discomforts

A pregnancy pillow is specially designed to help alleviate pain in your ankles, back, belly, shoulders, knees and neck. If you’re experiencing pain in more than one of the mentioned areas, it’s a good idea to examine what might be causing the pain- it could be poor posture, dietary imbalance, poor sleeping positions, etc.

Next, Choose an Ideal Pregnancy Pillow

Various pregnancy pillows are designed to offer different degrees of comfort. It’s, therefore, important to pick the one that meets all your needs.

Let’s go through quick search criteria for a suitable pregnancy pillow:


Generally, the size of maternity cushions is designed to match the standard height of a future mom (the primary length of this product lies between 160-170 cm). However, there are other sizes of pillows, and the right size depends on your preferences.

Some women prefer the small (1 meter) wedges while others swear by the full-body pregnancy pillows that support all their body parts including the legs, shoulders, back, neck, and the belly.


You also need to pay close attention to the material and the fill of the pregnancy pillow. Most women rave about pillows that are as soft as velvet. While this is acceptable, don’t forget to look for the following elements in your cushion:

  • Should be of the best quality available
  • Should be soft with no adverse effects on your skin
  • Pillows made of organic material are highly recommended
  • Should be free of any allergens

Focus on The Specifics

As we said, different pregnancy cushions are designed to relieve different kinds of pain whiles others solve more than one issue. If your pain comes from multiple areas, smaller pregnancy pillows e.g. wedges will be suitable for you.

However, if you suffer from general aches, the perfect choice for you would be the full body pillow.

You might also consider the curved body cushion if you’re having troubles sleeping due to discomforts.


You might also want your pillow to play different types of positions in your bed. If this is the case, we’d recommend you to go for the long pillows rather than the short ones as they offer the best stability.

Compatibility is also a key factor here. A pillow that changes its shape is an added advantage. It might be of great help to you after delivering your baby. Other than helping you feed the newborn, it will also contribute to support the child by creating a bolster around it that keeps them from falling.

Quality Matters Too

The best pregnancy cushion should provide you with the utmost quality- that goes without saying. Ensure that the product you buy is stuffed with a high-quality material as well as a firm outer covering. It must have the capability to accommodate your increasing weight, and offer superior support to your growing belly, knees, and feet.

The Pillow Should be Easy to Clean

Lastly, go for a pregnancy pillow that’s easy to wash. They say cleanliness is next to godliness. And bearing in mind that you’ll be making contact with your pillow most of the time, the outer cover should be washed easily. That is, the cover should be removable and, at the very least, machine washable!

Here’s How to Use Your Pillow Correctly (And get the Most Benefits out of it)

Start with Neck Support

Most pregnancy cushions enable you to prop up your spine. Use your pillow to support your head and neck as you sleep on your left side to ensure that your spine remains straight as it ought to be. At the same time, avoid sleeping in curved positions which might lead to severe pain on your neck or shoulders.

Put the Pregnancy Cushion Under Your Belly

Supporting your belly is one of the top aims of this pillow. When you rest or sleep on your side, always remember to place your belly below the cushion. Other than supporting your belly, using a pillow this way will also help eliminate the discomforts arising from pulling the belly on the side or the excess pressure mounting from the back muscles.

You Can Also Hug the Pillow With Your Arms/Legs

Looking for an efficient way to relieve the much pressure you’re feeling in your joints and ankles right now? Great. By simply placing the pillow between your legs and hugging it with the arms, your problem will be solved.

Plus sleeping on your side while hugging the pillow with your legs lowers the risk of inflammations and promotes blood supply to your growing baby.

Ensure You Give Your Back Adequate Support

If you’ve carefully examined your pregnancy pillow, you might have noted that it’s designed in such a way that it offers a wrap-around portion the helps you support your back adequately. This is the quickest way to relieve lower back pain associated with pregnancy. Also, supporting your back will help prevent you from rolling back on the right side while resting or sleeping.

Warning: Using maternity cushion has significant effects on your overall body health. It’s therefore highly advisable to consult your health care provider on the right pregnancy pillow to use so that you don’t negatively affect your body health and that of our kid.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of a good pregnancy pillow are endless. It will help alleviate the pain you’re suffering as you continue with your pregnancy. The best part about this pillow is that you can use at any time in your pregnancy you feel that you need to enjoy the utmost comfort.

Using the pillows isn’t a huge adjustment to your normal sleeping position. You can quickly learn how to use it by placing under you head and neck, then wedge it under your belly, and then us it to support your ankles and knees. Before you know it, you’ll become accustomed to it.

Most of the maternity pillows are packed with an easy to understand guide on how to them. Combine this with our expert step by step guide above and you’ll reap all the benefits of this unique cushion.


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