Queen Rose U Shaped Full Body Support Pillow Review

Becoming a mother is possibly the best thing that can ever happen to any woman in this world. But pregnancy has a lot of issues too. To be mothers undergo a lot of problems but still don’t stop worrying about their unborn child.Due to many reasons, pregnant women can’t get a proper sleep. The reasons are discomfort and not having suitable sleeping materials. No matter how many pillows you take, you still can’t have enough. There is one solution to this issue is getting a maternity pregnancy pillow.

But which one is the right one for you? Maybe the Queen Rose Unique U-Shaped Total Body Support Pillow for Side Sleeping, Nursing Pillow, Maternity Pregnancy Pillow is the one best suitable for you. Why? Read this review to know all about it.

Queen Rose U Shaped Full Body Support Pillow

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Perfect Shape For Proper Sleep

The Queen Rose Total Body Pillow has a unique U-shape. This shape perfectly suits your body’s every need. The U-shaped pregnancy maternity pillow has two long side-arms with a broad area of head and shoulder rest. The two arms support your back and belly at the same time. Plus, as you can rest your belly on the pillow, both you and your baby remain safe.Moreover, the inner curves and grooves cushion and support your back, hip, pelvic region and the shoulders. As a result, any discomforts in these areas are removed, providing you with a proper sleep every night.

Best Materials Went into Making this Pillow

For a total body support pillow like Queen Rose to work perfectly, it is necessary that it is as good from the inside as it is on the outside.For the inner material, 100% polyester fiberfill is used. This type of material suits the body best. Why? Polyester fiberfill remains fluffy and soft even through continuous use. And it does not heat up. So, every time you cuddle with Queen Rose maternity pillow, you find it comfy, as if it has been waiting for you.

Maintaining of this Pillow Requires NO EFFORTS

Some people think that pillows of this size need extensive and tiresome maintenance. But that is not true for Queen Rose total body support pillow.This pregnancy maternity pillow has a cover made of 100% pure cotton, which is pleasant to the skin. The cover is zippered, so it can be removed and washed (using a washing machine) whenever you need.

Use it In Any Way You Like

Queen Rose is surely an excellent choice as a body pillow during your pregnancy. But its use is not limited to that only. It can be used in many other ways.

You can use it sit down while watching TV or reading a book while pregnant. And you can use it as a support while nursing your baby. The pillow will help you to raise your baby to your suitable height, while you sit down and nourish. And it’s also very light in weight compared to its size.

  • Pros
  • U-shape caresses the whole body
  • Side arms support the back and belly at the same time
  • Inner curves and grooves provide support to your back, hip, pelvic region and shoulders
  • Helps you to get rid of any sort of physical discomfort, along with other problems like sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, congestion, etc.
  • Inner material: 100% polyester fiberfill; remains fluffy and soft, does not get heated
  • Cover: 100% cotton; zippered – easy to remove and reattach
  • Cover is washing-machine friendly
  • Can be used during and after pregnancy
  • Weighs only 5.5 pounds
  • Cons
  • It is quite a large sized pillow. So it may take a lot of space on your bed.
  • Plus, women with short height may find it too big for them.

FAQs on Queen Rose U Shaped Full Body Support Pillow

Q. Will it fit on a Queen Bed?
A. Yes, it will.

Q. Is this pillow firm?
A. Through my personal time with the pillow, I can tell you that this pillow is not that firm which you might expect you to be.

Q. Can this be used for nursing babies past pregnancy period?
A. Yes, you can use this to nurse your baby and feed it when necessary.

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Final Thoughts

The Main reason for reviewing this Queen Rose U Shaped Full Body Support Pillow is the Multi-purpose use of this bedding. Many pregnancy pillows often cost too high without focusing on utilities and comfort of the mother. But this one rids you of gastric reflux, fibromyalgia, and many health conditions while allowing you to have a comfortable sleep. Although sometimes it may feel a bit space consuming, this furniture never compromises on comfort.

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