Oversized Total Body Pregnancy Pillow Review

Pregnancy is a boon to a woman. It brings her happiness and provides one of the greatest gifts of her life. Her own child! But the road to childbirth is anything but easy. Expectant mom has to put up with a change in diet plans, daily routine and even a change in sleeping habits.

Although first few months of pregnancy are seemingly trouble-free, you’ll soon be facing sleeping problems due to the belly bulging. People often experiment with their sleeping positions. However, that is hardly the solution. What you can do is buy the Oversized Total Body Pregnancy Pillow. This will comfort you in whichever posture you sleep.

Many of the favor changing the bed altogether. But a simple change of a pillow is what you need. In this elaborated Total Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow Review article, I’ll discuss the benefits of this oversized pillow.

Oversized Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

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The Pillow Offers Support for Multiple Postures

Has it ever occurred to you that we sleep and wake up with different postures? Yes? Well, pregnant women are no different. It is fit for all types of positions that you can think of.

Total Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow comes with oversized “Cane-Like” shape. It wraps itself around your body thanks to the design. So, it doesn’t matter in which posture you sleep with, the Polyester padded pillow comforts you in the best possible way.

Don’t worry if you are taller than the average people, you’ll still be accommodated thanks to the sheer size of this thing. Despite all this, it weighs relatively low.

Provides Insurance against Back, Shoulder or Knee-Aches

Total Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow is made with polyester from top to bottom. While it covers all the bases a woman needs, it also relieves you from the pain and strains on your necks and shoulders.

You can fold the padded pillow in two halves. Just put the shorter half towards the upper side of your body. The 400 thread count super soft microfiber will amazingly comfort you.

For your necks and shoulders, the longer part will do nicely. This Oversized – Total Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow is perfect for aching knees and back spasms. Stack your back against the pillow. Keep one end in between two knees for the perfect posture.

How Does the Thing Work?

This bedding equipment offers support to three distinct curves of pregnant women’s body. Hence, it is also called “Full Support” pillow. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to feel elevated and contoured while you rest or sleep on it. For those who are experiencing the belly bulge during the last few months of your pregnancy, there is a “Bell-like” section that facilitates the belly. It is just an extra layer of comfort.

Comes from a Reputed Company

Total Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow comes from Leacho. This company has a reputation for manufacturing some of the best maternity products. This pillow is no different than the other ones. The oversized pillow supports every sensitive part of your body during pregnancy.The manufacturers are very confident regarding the standard of their product. That is why they are offering a flat 30-day money back guarantee for the customers. I think it is a great deal. It gives the liberty to try the product out without holding back.

  • Pros
  • A great “Oversize – Full Support Design” to comfort women of all heights.
  • Comes with durable polyester material that remains upright for years.
  • An effective solution for backaches, shoulder spasms, knee pains and so on.
  • Comforts the upper body despite the sleeping habit of the user.
  • Machine washable fabric.
  • Cons
  • It is heavy.

FAQs About Oversized Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

Q. What is the Shape of the Pillow?
A. Oversized Total Body Pregnancy Pillow is a long and straight pillow. The trick is, you can fold it into any shape you like. Be it U-Shape, L or even I, it contours to your body just fine in all the cases.

Q. Is it too bulky to adjust with?
A. No, from my experience, it is very easy to get used to. It is bulky, yes. But it feels really nice. The pillow fits perfectly on your “King Size Bed”.

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Final Thoughts on This Product

At the end of this Oversized Total Body Pregnancy Pillow Review, I must say, I am a fan of this product. It literally nurses the body while you sleep. People might think it is pricey but believe you me; there is no price too high for the comfort it offers. You can freely relax without worrying about aches or spasms. Plus, it costs a lot less when you weigh it with other alternatives. A definite “Go To” product if you ask me.

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