Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper Review

Pregnancy is a thing of joy for expectant mothers and their families. When a woman learns about the presence of someone important in her womb, she begins to weave her future around the little one. This is one occasion where a mother needs to be happy and joyful as it bears an influence on the child.

However, a bad night on the bed, a rough sleep can dent the happy-go-lucky attitude of a mother. Rough sleeping experience means that she’ll most likely suffer from back pains, knee-aches and shoulder strains. A pillow like Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper can be the ideal cushion for your body. The following review will discuss what makes this pillow so special for pregnant women.

Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper

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Follows a Miniature Design

The best thing about this piece of furniture is that it is small. It beats the competitors by the size. Most of the bedding furniture of this kind are large and bulky. They are pretty hard to move around. Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper is an exception with lightweight and small footprint. One can easily move it around the house and sleep on it whenever he/she wants to.Yes, this can be used by both male and female. This design aligns to the body naturally.

Much Needed Support to Head and Back

Snoogle Mini Compact Size Sleeper concentrates on the upper body of expectant moms. I can vouch for the comfort it provides to your head, neck, and shoulders. The cushioning eases strains. As a direct result, the pain disappears!

The back area is well guarded too. You can face problems when you lie straight on your back on a bed that is too firm or lumpy. This pillow is medium-firm one that concentrates on straight and side sleepers alike to ensure maximum comfort.

Keeps Hips in Normal Position

When you are twisting and turning during deep sleep. You tend to forget where your hips are. But this pillow doesn’t! While comforting the upper half of your body, it keeps the hips in a position that is natural for the women. As a result, the bulging belly won’t affect your sleeping habits anymore.

Snoogle Mini also has a mid area that accommodates the bulge of your tummy. So, no matter how bulky it gets, it won’t come in the way of your body parts to hamper the little one inside or even your comfortable nap in the afternoon.

Ideal for Nursing the Baby after Pregnancy

Snoogle Mini Pregnancy Pillow from Leachco is the perfect one for nursing your newborn. I remember I could sit on it and feed my baby girl. You can even lay down or keep your arms rested while you feed the toddler.

Even after pregnancy, your back and hips are well supported. That means, it still aligns perfectly with your body to eliminate post pregnancy marks and distresses. With this pillow, feeding the baby is as natural as breathing!

  • Pros
  • The design is catchy.
  • A small pillow; allows easy stowing and storing.
  • Ideal for complete upper body support.
  • It keeps hips in perfect alignment.
  • Comes with removable cover; easy to wash; machine washable.
  • Ideal for post-pregnancy nursing.
  • Cons
  • Few might consider the price on the higher side.
  • It is a polyester product; might not suit everybody.
  • Being a small pillow, it is quite thick.

FAQs on Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper

Q. What rating will you provide the pillow regarding comfort?
A. I’d rate it with 8 out of 10! It is much better than the bigger maternity pillows. My friend could sleep well on it. Also, it is supportive to your body parts. If anything on the downside, it is the shape of this. It tends to lose the form if used for 2-3 years.Q. What is the Length of this pillow?
A. It is anywhere between 40 to 42 inches (estimated). The comma-shaped pillow is particularly inclined to the shorter people.

Q. Are Snoogle and Boppy pillows the same?
A. Except few features, they are basically the same. I compared both and more or less the pillows produced a similar result.

Q. What is the “Firmness Level” of the pillow?
A. I’d say it is medium level firm. Some people state this pillow as overly firm. But the firmness level and comfort depends on person to person. So, do check before you buy this.

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Final Verdict

A maternity pillow is all it takes to attain comfort during the most difficult weeks of your life. Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper guards your spine and provides you the perfect posture to sleep with.

Besides relieving you from aches and strains, this acts as a great tool when you are nursing your newborn child. You can use this pillow as a recliner, an afternoon nap pillow or simply lie down on it to feed your baby. It’s roomier than most pillows on the market. I’ll surely recommend this to every expectant mother during pregnancy and post pregnancy period.

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