Leachco Snoogle Chic Total Body Pillow

Pregnancy is the most important part of any woman’s life. In fact, every woman becomes whole through the bliss of motherhood. So being pregnant is probably the happiest period of their life. But pregnancy itself is not all comfortable. It has its problems.

One of such problems is sleeping discomfort and waking up every morning with an aching body and a restless mind. But still, a mother tries all her best to give her baby everything is requires. So for the mothers, the pregnancy body pillows have been designed.

In this Leachco Snoogle Chic Total Body Pillow Review, we will tell you all about this body pillow.

C-Shaped Comfort

When pregnancy body pillows were being developed and designed, much priority was given to the shape. You will notice that the shape of this pillow makes all the difference. And in the case of the chic Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, the C-shape was chosen. Surely enough, this shape makes the pillow comfortable in every way.

The C-shaped Snoogle has an inner curve which allows you to place your womb in an easing and safe place. Plus it rids you of pains in the back, hip, and pelvic region. So you can wake up every morning rejuvenated.

100% Polyester Material Used in Making

After the shape, the second thing of priority is the inner material. Because the inner stuffing assures that you get a comfortable and stress-free sleep. And so in the case of the Leachco Snoogle Chic body pillow, 100% polyester is used.

This type of inner material stays soft and fluffy though continuous use. It provides ease and comfort along with safety to you and your baby. The material is free of any agents that can cause you trouble. And it does not get heated, so it is always homely.

Plush Cover Ensures the Pillow Remains Hygenic

Leachco decided to make the pillow as much at home as possible. That is why they chose jersey-knit material to use as the cover of the Snoogle Chic pregnancy pillow. This type of material is 60% cotton and 40% polyester, which is the best of its type.

The cover being made of the jersey-knit material, it does not give you an alien feeling, since your body is well acquainted with it. Moreover, this is a zippered cover and is both washing-machine and dryer friendly.

Carry It Anywhere You Like

Leachco Snoogle Total body pillow is made for use both in and out of your home. It weighs only around 5 pounds, so it is no fuss for lifting. Leachco also provides travel bags designed for this pillow, which you will have to buy separately. You can easily store the pillow inside the bag and carry it along everywhere you go.

  • Pros
  • C-shaped body pillow provides total body comfort
  • The curve allows you to place your womb safely and comfortably
  • It can be used during and after pregnancy
  • Supports your hips, back and pelvic region, ridding them of pain
  • The comfortable cushioning experience rids you of backaches and shoulder pain and even muscle spasms.
  • 100% polyester inner material; remains fluffy and does not heat up
  • Jersey-knit pillow cover feels at home
  • The zippered pillow cover is removable and is both washing-machine and dryer friendly
  • Weighs only around 5 pounds; can be carried anywhere
  • Cons
  • It takes up a lot of space, so when using on the bed, it could be difficult for a second person to fit in
  • It does not support sleeping on the back
  • Short-height woman may find it too big for them

FAQ Regarding the Product

Q. How will this pillow comfort me?
A. This pillow does a nice job covering up your torso. You can sleep on your back, on the sides and even twist this thing around your neck for some extra comfort. It does pretty well with the bulging belly too. It is a good buy for your money.

Q. Does it support tall people?
A. Yes, it does. Customers who have a height of 5 feet 8 inches have reported this thing to be very comfortable. If you are having issues, try to use it in “S” shape and put the pillow between your knees. You can be innovative and try to use it while lying back or as a recliner.

Q. How firm is this Snoogle Pillow?
A. It is medium firm and perfect for pregnant women for resting and nursing babies even after pregnancy.

So, What Do You Think?

During Pregnancy, nothing else matters than the comfort of the mother. Leacho does a good job with this Leachco Snoogle Chic Total Body Pillow in ensuring that you can have a sound sleep during difficult times.

Not only that, it ensures the pillow is hygienic and remains that way thanks to the machine washable cover that comes with it. Sure it has some legs, but positives outweigh the negative aspects in every way. All in all, it is a worthy investment to make.

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