Leachco Back n Belly Chic Review

A common problem for any lady in her pregnancy period is the lack of sleep and rest. This happens due to the uncomfortable sleeping patterns that women have to go through. Again, in the latter stages of pregnancy, the belly bulges out. As a result, you can’t actually sleep in a fixed posture. Your back pains, hip pains, and shoulder aches get the better of you.

Leacho has come up with a solution with it’s Back N Belly Chic – Toupe Pregnancy Pillow. With this, you can attain utmost comfort during and after the pregnancy period. Read the following Leachco Back N Belly Chic – Taupe Review of mine to understand what this pillow has to offer.

Leachco back n belly chic

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The Considerate Design

If you buy and use Leachco Back N Belly Chic – Toupe, you’ll notice the difference immediately. The thing is, it is different in design than the rest of its competitions. The polyester exterior comes with a washable cover that you can take off and wash by hand or in a machine.

The design has a plus point that it can be elevated according to one’s liking. So, no matter what your height is, you’ll always be comfortable. The pillow provides excellent support for neck, shoulders and the head reducing the strains.

Reduces Acid Reflux for Women

The pillow offers you great support by raising your head. I get that. But what it also does is it raises the head of yours in a position that contributes to less acid reflux in the stomach. Lesser the acid, lesser your stomachache is going to be.

Additionally, Leachco Back N Belly Chic offers a great contoured space for your belly. It remains in perfect place when you sleep without moving in or outwards. So, the buildup of acid is further reduced inside the belly.

The Pillow is Soft, Perfect for Nursing or Feeding Babies

Indeed, it is very soft on the skin. This padded pillow has just the right firmness. Yet, it has a reverse shape for each end to comfort you and even your baby. You can feed your newborn or even put it to sleep without fearing rashes on the skin.

The pillow is quite comfortable to handle. You can maneuver it well to get into the desired position while holding your baby for breastfeeding.

If you are using this on a “King Size Bed”, you’ll never feel crowded even with your child and husband onboard. It has a considerable large diameter that comforts everyone. Especially you!

It has Its Problems

As much as it pleases me to get my hands on this and review this excellent product, it has its drawbacks. The firmness can be discomforting for some. The Toupe color isn’t precisely one of the fashionable colors around. Also, you might find it a bit heavier than the others. This is due to the oversized head panel and U-Shape which it comes in.

  • Pros
  • The Design is catchy.
  • The pillow can easily be aligned with body and raised as per requirement.
  • You can quickly wash this pillow with the zipped cover.
  • It is a complete pillow. Can be used by anyone especially pregnant women.
  • Cons
  • Massive pillow, hard to move around for pregnant women.
  • Polyester can be a little too firm for people.
  • Getting in and out of this pillow can be a bit tricky.
  • Particularly suited for taller people.

FAQs on Leachco back n belly chic Pillow

Q. Does it need fluffing?
A. It is already 3 to 4 inches thick. Leacho is known to maintain its shape even years after purchase. So, practically, you’ll not need any fluffing.

Q. Which types of sleepers does it support better?
A. You can sleep in any posture on this pillow. But it particularly favors sleepers who lie on their backs when sleeping.

Q. How firm is it?
A. To be precise, this pillow is medium level firm. Meaning you’ll need a bit of adjusting to make before using it.

Q. What is the main differing point between this and the regular pillow by Leacho?
A. While writing Leachco Back ‘N Belly Chic – Taupe Review, I noticed that the “Straight Body Pillow” has no extra padding around your neck area. But this one I own has that insurance for added comfort.

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Final Verdict

The best thing about Leachco Back N Belly Chic is that it fits taller and smaller people alike (although it seemed that taller women will get the most out of it). However, the comfort level provided by manufacturers is nonparallel.

Also, you’ll be able to use it anytime regardless of your physical condition to cuddle, sleep better and even comfort yourselves while recuperating after an injury. For the comfort level and the ease of use, I recommend this pillow to each and every one.

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