How to Choose A pregnancy pillow

How to Choose A pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy is one of the most rewarding stages in a woman’s life. It brings eagerness, anticipations, and real happiness! Being pregnant (even once in a lifetime) is the dream of every woman.

However, all this happiness might be cut down by some pains and discomforts that occur during the later stages of the pregnancy. The most common issue is discomfort while sleeping.

And all this is due to the significant changes that happen to you as your pregnancy advances from one stage to the next…

Luckily, you can now restore your happiness, enjoy peaceful night again, eliminate back aches, etc., during the last stages of your pregnancy, thanks to the pregnancy pillows. These are pillows that have been specially designed to restore your comfort, give you real rest, and a peaceful sleep as you wait to welcome your bundle of joy…

Did you know?

As we’re talking right now, pregnancy pillows of various colors, shapes, sizes, materials, price, and so much more are waiting for you at the market. But you only require the right one – the best of the best – one that makes you feel comfortable all night long.

So, how to Choose A pregnancy pillow from all the products flooding the market? Allow me to take you through the basic facts you need to know about these particular pillows to help you as you set out to shop for one…

Let’s start:

Best Materials for Pregnancy Pillow

Before we get any deeper, let’s first explore the top materials that make a great pregnancy pillow:

Fillings with reputation for makings comfortable and supportive pregnancy pillows are:

Memory Foam

Opening our list of top materials for making a pregnancy pillow is memory foam. This filling stands in a class of its own, given its excellent capabilities of taking the shape of your body as you press your weight on it. This advocates for personalized fit and superior comfort. And when you lift your weight off the same pillow, it regains its initial shape.

Don’t forget that memory foam is quite firm.

But note that this material can sometimes cause heat to build up. To minimize this effect, some manufacturers shred the foam before using it in the pillow. This enables air to circulate freely within the pillow, neutralizing the hot feeling.

Natural and Organic Fillings

This is for those who wish to make their pregnancies as natural as possible…. Being on the lookout for a pregnancy pillow material that suits your need will be a great deal. And that great material is natural and organic fillings no doubt. Examples of natural materials include wool, kapok, and spelt.

Aside from giving you a distinct smell of the organic materials, pregnancy pillows made from such material are also eco-friendly.

Polyester Fiber Material

Pregnancy pillows made of polyester fiber fillings do not produce any noise as you move your head or body over it. So, if you don’t want a pregnancy pillows that rustles and crinkles in the middle of the night to the point of waking yourself or your partner up, go for a polyester fiber pillow.

Another attractive feature of these fillings is that they’re incredibly soft, offering you the ultimate comfort you’re craving for right now.

However, it’s important to note that polyester fiber pregnancy body pillows do not breathe like the others do. And its firmness depends on the amount of the filling used.

Micro-bead Fillings

What are micro beads? You might be wondering right now…

Simply stated, these are incredibly elegant balls that are also small sized (around 1/32 inches wide).

Identifying a pregnancy pillow made of micro-bead fillings is real simple: the pillows feel like they’re filled with sand particles.

But unlike sand, these beads are incredibly lightweight, do not create unnecessary noise, and are more supportive compared to the Styrofoam ball fillings (we’ll discuss these next).

Styrofoam Ball Fillings

Ever used a bean bag? Good… You know the small white balls contained in it? Cool. These are the Styrofoam balls we’re talking about here and are also common in the cheaper pregnancy pillows.

The best thing about pregnancy pillows made of Styrofoam ball fillings is that they perfectly adapt to the shape and weight of your body. They’re also incredibly lightweight.

But it’s important to note that these materials tend to produce some noise when you move your head or body around them.

Hypoallergenic Fillings

Your health matters a lot during pregnancy since it determines the unborn child’s health too.

If you’re, therefore, prone to allergies, asthma, etc., during your pregnancy, you better make sure that the pregnancy pillow you’re using is made from hypoallergenic materials.

Above other things, this pregnancy pillow will lessen the probability of your young one catching a disease due to your allergic reactions.

How to Choose A pregnancy pillow

Different Types of Pregnancy Pillows

As we did indicate earlier, pregnancy pillows are available in different sizes and shapes, and your choice heavily depends on your specific needs and preferences. Nonetheless, these pillows have a similar aim- to ease your pain and aches and make you enjoy a good slumber all night long.

We take a look at some of the most common pregnancy body pillows below (and who they suit):

Who should Use The C-Shaped pregnancy Pillows?

C-shaped pregnancy pillows fall under the category of total body pregnancy pillows (i.e., they wrap around the exterior of your body to offer you superior support).

The fact that they resemble letter C gives them the name C-shaped pregnancy pillows.

A C-shaped pregnancy pillow is ideal for pregnant women who complain of sore backs every morning. The pillow is designed in such a way that it grants you superior support for your head and shoulders (at the top of the C-shape), legs (at the bottom part), and extra support for your spinal (helping you do way with back pain).

The opening of this pillow provides room for your baby!

To get the most out of your C-shaped pregnancy pillow, you need to use it right. This is how you should use it:

All C-shaped pillows are meant to be utilized in a riding position. Saddle the bottom of your C pillow between your legs while you rest your head at the top of the C. Ensure that your back nicely nestles into the curve of the C to help relieve the pressure placed upon the back of your spine (and prevent back pains/sores from occurring).


  • offers you extra spinal support
  • can be used by pregnant women of different body shapes and sizes


  • They may feel bulky owing to their significant size

Who Should Use U-Shaped pregnancy Pillows?

Still under the category of total body pregnancy pillows, we’ve U-shaped pillows…

If you’re a pregnant woman seeking support for both your back and belly at the same time, this is the pregnancy pillow for you.

It’s ideal for expectant mothers who want to have a good and comfortable rest even with a big belly. This is particularly useful if your pregnancy is in the third semester.

Similar to the C-shaped pillow, the U-shaped pillow offers you support for your legs, back, and the head.

Another cool aspect about this pillow is that it enables you to sleep on either side while your head is supported to battle a heartburn that’s common in most pregnant women.


To get the most out of this pregnancy pillow, you have to use it the right way.

Let’s discuss how to use it correctly:

This pillow is designed in such a way that it should be straddled. Can you picture how that Koala straddle the tree? Good. This is exactly how you ought to do. This way, you’ll enjoy the ultimate support from both sides, particularly useful if your large belly is restricting you from sleeping on your back.


  • The best and the most supportive pregnancy pillow by far
  • Does not require a head pillow


  • They’re big and bulky
  • These are the most expensive types of pregnancy pillows at the market


Picking a good pregnancy pillow from the thousands that are flooding the market right now is not always an easy task. But after going through our ultimate guide on pregnancy pillows above, you’ll be fully equipped to choose a good pregnancy pillow that best suits all your needs. With a great pregnancy pillow, you’ll have total support for your new body size and shape. Unlike the regular pillow, pregnancy pillows are available in unique shapes to ensure that you enjoy complete support!

Say No to back aches and Yes to comfortable and peaceful nights as you wait for your neonate.


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