All About the need of compression socks

Throughout the day the body does the work of blood pumping throughout the body where the gravity often causes the blood to pool in the lower feet and legs by causing the leg cramps, fatigue or even other circulatory problems. In which for getting relief from this problem the compression socks are specially designed that provides the extra support to the body and increases the circulation of blood throughout the body.

The main work of these socks is to provide a graduated pressure on the lower foot and leg and if you have any of these problems then you may get benefited by wearing these socks. The main motivate of manufacturing the compression socks is to compress the leg resulting in the blood are being forced through the narrow channels in which this increases the arterial pressure that forces the more blood to return to the heart and leaves the less blood to pool in the feet.

Initially the compression socks are designed for the people who are facing the medical problems but now the compression socks are widely used even by the general people. Travelers get benefits by wearing these socks because this sock will prevent them from the circulatory problems like leg cramps, edema and deep vein thrombosis. Athletes often wear this compression sock to give additional support to their leg muscles as a shorter recovery periods and workers whose job requires a long period of standing can get benefited by wearing these socks during their working hours.

Tips for extending the life of compression socks

If your physician have instructed you to wear the compression socks then it is a vital that you must understand how to care and wear them properly to get the best results. Here are the list of do’s and don’ts for keeping your compression socks properly and safely for achieving the better results out of it. They are

The following are the some of the Dos of compression stockings.

  • Put them on the right time after you get wake up.
  • Replace the socks regularly when the elastic on it gets losen.
  • Maintain the habit of washing the socks regularly.
  • Strictly follow the care instruction given on the box of the compression socks for achieving the best results.
  • Before buying the socks measure the size of the leg for perfect fitting.

The following are the some of the Don’ts of compression stockings.

  • Don’t use the oil or lotions under the compression garments.
  • Don’t wear the compression socks at night time.
  • Don’t clean or wash the socks with chlorine bleaching agent.
  • Don’t roll down the socks.
  • Don’t cut them on the foot side when it is of tighten.

When you follow the above tips when using the compression socks then surely you can extend the lifetime of the compression socks and you can use it for longer period of time for getting rid out of the blood pooling and blood clot problems.


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