All About the need of compression socks

Throughout the day the body does the work of blood pumping throughout the body where the gravity often causes the blood to pool in the lower feet and legs by causing the leg cramps, fatigue or even other circulatory problems. In which for getting relief from this problem the compression socks are specially designed that provides the extra support to the body and increases the circulation of blood throughout the body. The main work of these socks is to provide a graduated pressure on the lower foot and leg and if you have any of these problems then you may … Read more

Causes and Treatments for Lower Back Pain while Pregnant

To all expectant moms, Are you experiencing lower back pain as you move on with your pregnancy journey? You’re not alone in this… Many other women are undergoing the same suffering. As a matter of fact, lower back pains during pregnancy is a reality of life for every pregnant mother. Reports show that 50-70% of pregnant women experience lower back pain. The degree of this discomfort varies in individuals and can occur at any stage of your pregnancy. But most commonly, it occurs during the later stages as your baby grows. The problem interferes with your daily routine and even … Read more

When to start using pregnancy pillow?

“I am 20 weeks pregnant now, and I’m starting to experience backaches. I thought that sleeping with a pregnancy pillow would be an ideal solution, but I’m not sure if it’s too early for that. Would you please advise me on the right time to start using a pregnancy pillow and if it’s going to help me?” Such are questions that many expectant mothers are always asking. As you know, pregnancy comes with its share of aches and discomforts which end up disrupting your nights of sleep. I know you’re also seeking the right answer on the right time to … Read more

What foods to avoid when pregnant

What foods to avoid when pregnant? Do you get lost whenever you try to figure out the best answer to this question? Probably, you’ve come through various blogs discussing extensive lists of foods to eat when pregnant. And now know that you’ve to take certain nutrients, minerals and vitamins to keep your health and that of your developing baby on the check. But there’s scarce information on some foods you should avoid while pregnant. Foods those might turn out to be hazardous to you and your unborn or born baby. We figured out that we could come up with a … Read more

Best Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

Most women don’t know what’s in store for them when it comes to sleeping during pregnancy… Pregnancy is a period marked with severe sleeping disturbances, even for women who have never had any sleeping problems. The “Women and Sleep Poll” report published by National Sleep Foundation in 1998 explains, 78% of women reports having troubles sleeping during pregnancy than at other times. Most women also recorded cases of extreme fatigue when pregnancy (more so during the second and the third trimester). If you’ve undergone this experience, this is not news to you… You might have suffered significant loss of sleep, … Read more

How to Choose A pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy is one of the most rewarding stages in a woman’s life. It brings eagerness, anticipations, and real happiness! Being pregnant (even once in a lifetime) is the dream of every woman. However, all this happiness might be cut down by some pains and discomforts that occur during the later stages of the pregnancy. The most common issue is discomfort while sleeping. And all this is due to the significant changes that happen to you as your pregnancy advances from one stage to the next… Luckily, you can now restore your happiness, enjoy peaceful night again, eliminate back aches, etc., … Read more