C Shaped Premium Multi Position Contoured Body Pregnancy Pillow

Through pregnancy a woman becomes complete. Being able to give birth to a child and becoming a mother is the happiest thing for any woman. With the child, a mother is born. But pregnancy itself is a critical and sensitive period.

Every woman faces a lot of discomfort and displeasure during their pregnancy. A major part of that comprises the inability to get proper sleep. So getting a pregnancy/maternity pillow is the best solution to this problem. And to help you find the best one for you and your baby, here we are providing a The size of the pillow is optimum for a person of 5-6 feet height with Zippered Cover Review.

C Shaped Premium Multi Position Contoured Body Pregnancy Pillow

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Sleep The Way You Want

In most cases, pregnant women feel discomfort while sleeping because they can’t seem to find a pleasant position. No matter how many pillows they tuck around themselves, they still fail to sleep. Thus wake up with a sore body and an aching mind. But with the C Shaped Premium Multi Position Contoured Body Pregnancy Pillow, they can sleep in whatever way they find pleasure in.

The C-shape of the pregnancy pillow allows a woman to rest their back, hips and esp. their womb in a fitting and secure position. The pillow supports the back and the belly at the same time. It’s open contoured side allows you to sleep either on the back or on the side – whichever suits you. And you can use it even when you are not sleeping and after pregnancy while nursing your baby.

Hugs Your Whole Body

This C-shaped Premium body pillow is made to support your whole body. It blends with the contours of your body. It eases the pain in the back, hip, and pelvic regions. As a result, you can wake up, every morning feeling refreshed, both physically and mentally. Plus the height of the pillow, which is 5”, is easing for the neck.

Moreover, this is a unisex pillow. So it can be used by both men and women. Its size is optimum for a person of 5-6 feet height.

Plush Inside, Plush Outside

The Premium Contoured maternity/pregnancy body pillow has an inner material of 100% polyester. This type of material always remains fluffy and soft, even with continuous use. So every time you cuddle with it, you always feel the same warmth and pleasure. Plus it is free of any harmful agents.

The outer cover is as good as the inner material. It has a zippered cover, which is also made of polyester. The cover can be easily removed and attached back. It is washing-machine friendly and easy to dry.

  • Pros
  • It is a C-shaped total body pillow that supports the whole body.
  • Safely and comfortably place your womb inside the curve.
  • It supports the back and belly at the same time.
  • It blends in with the contours of the body.
  • This pillow allows you to sleep both on your back and on your sides.
  • It is a unisex body pillow; both men and women can use it.
  • The pillow eases pains in the back, hips, and pelvic regions.
  • It is stuffed with 100% polyester inner material.
  • The inner material is harmless and remains fluffy.
  • It’s zippered cover is easy to remove and reattach.
  • The cover is washing-machine friendly.
  • The size of the pillow is optimum for a person of 5-6 feet height.
  • Cons
  • Sometimes the pillows have a stinky smell when new.
  • It’s too big for people below 5 feet.
  • It’s too big for regular sized double bed.
  • The inner material sometimes gets lumpy.

FAQs Regarding this Pillow

Q. What material does the pillow use?
A. The pillow is made of 100% polyester material that soothes your skin and gives you medium firmness.

Q. I am willing to use a medium size suitcase to store this pillow. Will it fit in?
A. I’d say it will fit in comfortably. The pillow is Vacuum Packaged. So, it will be much smaller than when it arrives. It can perfectly get into a medium sized suitcase.

Q. How well does it support a woman of 6-feet and above?
A. This pillow does well to help a woman of 5 to 6 feet. But anyone above that range will find it somewhat troublesome to fit in.

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C-Shaped Multi-Position pregnancy pillow is one of the most comfortable cushions around for pregnant women. Along with its extensive benefits, you can count on the quality of the cover too. You can wash it by hand or a machine of your choice. Customers have also used it for nursing purposes. This is because you can use this thing while sitting, lying or breastfeeding in multiple positions. Not only that, even the male counterparts can use this thing. This is one versatile bedding piece that I’m happy to recommend.

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