Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow Review

The bliss of motherhood comes with many complications. One of the complications is the discomfort while sleeping. Almost every pregnant woman faces this problem, including physical uneasiness, backaches, neck strains, shoulder pains and even pains in knee joints.

Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow offers relief from all these problems.There are many pregnancy pillows available in the market today. Among them, I particularly recommend the one manufactured by Boppy. And to know why we do so, have a look at this review.

Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow

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Design That Meets All Your Needs

Boppy has designed their pillow in a rather unique way. The curves allow the to-be mother to place her body perfectly. It provides head-to-toe – full body support thus, getting rid of all the sleeping discomforts.

The Slipcovered Body Pillow has the ideal dimensions of 12″x18″x16″. It is ideal because, these dimensions allow women of all sizes to cuddle, unlike other pillows that are built for taller women only.

Comes With a Sophisticated Cover

Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow is not just about comfort provided by the internal material. It provides support from the outside as well. It is provided with a Pima cotton slipcover, that is easy to remove and easy to wash.

The cover is soft to the skin. Moreover, it is designed with floral patterns, that showcases a classic taste. The slipcover can be replaced with any other thing you want on your Boppy Body Pillow.

It Guarantees a Comfortable Position

Mothers to-be are always worried about their unborn children. Especially while sleeping. Most of the pillows and mattresses are not made for benefitting pregnancies. Thus it becomes a regular trouble for women to go to sleep every night. Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow is mainly designed to help out pregnant women. The curves allow the user to rest her belly in a safe position, allowing her to get a good sleep.

Full Body Support Takes Away the Annoying Pain

This pregnancy pillow provides full body support, from head to toe. One can rest their whole body on the pillow, with the dimensions allowing them to cuddle comfortably.

One other key feature is that it relieves various physical pains. Pains in the regions like back, neck, hip and pelvis is a common thing during pregnancies. Boppy Body Pillow helps to reduce these pains. Especially the pains in the back and pelvis region.

  • Pros
  • Unique design for resting the body
  • Ideal dimensions for women of all sizes
  • Full body support
  • Can be used during and after pregnancy
  • Helps to relieve pains in the areas like back, neck and pelvis
  • Reasonable size allows you to place it on your regular bed, or anywhere else you like
  • Cons
  • The internal material being soft, gets flattened through use
  • Users who prefer firm pillows may find Boppy to be rather soft
  • The pillow may become hot when in use
  • While one group of users find it perfect, other groups of users find it not up to mark

FAQs About Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow

Q. What is different between a standard Boppy Pillow and the Slipcovered Body Pillow?
A. Simply put, the difference is in the length of the two. The first one covers only your legs and belly. But this one is larger. It comforts shoulders, necklines, back and even waistlines just fine. The curve around the belly keeps it in top shape. You can also soothe your legs in a favorable position.

Q. Does it come with a different color or cover?
A. Unfortunately, no. The color that is displayed is the only option you’ll have to stay with.

Q. How Good is the Pillow when Nursing?
A. You can use Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow for pain-relief and pregnancy comfort. But usage doesn’t stop there. You can also use this pillow to nurse your newborn and even breastfeed him on this.

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Final Thoughts

There are some pregnancy pillows which are very costly on the market. But Boppy is offering this Slipcovered Body Pillow at a modest price much lesser than its counterparts. Amazon is the best place for you to look for a great deal.

Also check what other customers have to say before buying. The price, for me, is comforting.The Boppy Slipcover Body Pillow Review is done here, Lastly I want to point out that this pillow is possibly the perfect body pillow for pregnant women. I firmly believe, after you buy this, you’d also belong to the group who just love it.

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