Best Body pillow Reviews 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

best body pillow

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is a sound sleep eluding me?” How many of you’ve found the answer? Many of you are probably trying to find one still. Let me illuminate you. You, my friends, need the best body pillow you can find to have the sound sleep you desire.

Yes, indeed. We focus too much on our headrest and pillow for the head. It is easy to forget that our bodies need just as much support as our head does.

And we won’t be able to fulfill that role without pillows made for different parts of our bodies. Yes, there are different types of body pillows around.

These pillows are suited for different jobs and provide support for different types of sleepers. So, how to know which type is the best one for you?

In this piece, I’m going to be tackling “What” is a body pillow? What types do you need? And, how you can buy one that suits your style. Oh, I’d be doing my own list of body pillow reviews too. You can kick start your research right here!

What is a Body Pillow Exactly?

In the plainest of terms, these are pillows that comfort and contour your body instead of your head. Obviously, they are not your average-size pillows. They are larger compared to common ones.

These pillows sometimes engulf the entire body and provide you the comfort that you need. More often than not, body pillows are plushy.

An oversized pillow that’s plush can mold according to your body shape. Different body parts like elbows, back, stomach and the sides benefit from the supportive shape. Plus, you have the comfort as a bonus.

What Are the Types of These Pillows?

Oh Boy! We are about to delve on an elaborate section. Beware, you might get bored. I’ll try and make this one brief with a quick rundown on all 9 types of body pillows that I came across as a user or a reviewer. So here we go…

Firstly, there are the Full-Size Body Pillows. These things cover the entire body of a person. These products are best if you want to support your body, hug them tight or simply cuddle while you sleep. Some users even deem a full-sized one best body pillow for back pain as well.

Then you have the Heated Pillows for your body. If you are living in a cold climate, voila! This is the ideal Body cushion for you. To my experience, these are best solutions when you are cold and need some heat. People don’t need to heat up the entire room and waste energy. Just use one of these and wrap yourselves up. If you are a bachelor or a bachelorette, it fills in for your partner as well.

Body Pillows with Micro Beads make up the third kind. Body Pillow Review writers deemed these as one of the softest and plushiest body pillows. These are the ideal ones if your shoulder and neck need some extra attention. Although pregnant women have special types of pillows, these are also recommended. The women enjoy top-notch support and comfort for the legs.

If you want a proper night’s sleep, you should get the snoozer body pillow. It is the best body pillow for back pain according to me. Why? Well, it offers perfectly straight spinal alignment. This in turn, improves my blood circulation throughout the body.

Now let me take you to “Round Body Pillows”. These are different than their square counterparts. You can use these to sleep on floors. These are offered in two varieties. The “Tufted” and the “Untufted.” Either way, round cushions offer great neck support that’s for sure.

Now, on my list are the best model that caters to women. These cushions are large, fluffy and known as “Giant Body Pillows.” Yet, they do a fantastic job of relieving back pain of the extreme kind. We know it as Fibromyalgia. But you know the thing with women, don’t you? They soon realized that this type had other uses as well. Some pillows can be folded. You can use it as a seat too. They look like bin bags.

Plushy Pillows on the other hand are part of fancy decorations. These body pillows contribute to the aristocratic aesthetic of your room. Top Plush Pillows can often assist you in quality sleep. These are plushy and fluffy. Plushy cushions are made from Polyester.

Inflatable Pillows make the penultimate spot in our list of types for body cushions. The name pretty much sums it up. People can inflate these cushions by injecting air into them. This type is used in medical facilities. The doctors keep your head elevated using a pillow like this. As a result, you won’t have any problems with back pain at all.

Goose Down Pillows take the last spot on my list of types for top-rated body pillows. These are fluffy and comforting. As soft as they are, they are durable as well. These cushions aren’t synthetic. So, the comfort you feel is genuine and not chemical induced. The filling comes from duck and geese feathers (taken from the chests). I’d recommend these for the stomach sleepers and the back sleepers as well.

Pregnancy Pillow VS Body Pillow: The Difference

Now that you think of it, there’s really not much in between the two. Any mother can do with either a body or a pregnancy pillow during those demanding weeks. But if you ask me, I’d say there’s a tiny speck of difference between the two.

Body pillows are usually very long. More importantly, they are straight. If you sleep on them with your body curved, be prepared for sore body parts.

Pregnancy pillows come in different shapes and sizes. The main thing is, they adapt to your belly sizes during different stages of pregnancy and contour your body. As a result, you remain comfortable. Body pillows won’t do that.

But on the bright side, pregnancy pillows are eligible for a certain period of time in your life. But the normal ones can stay as your lifelong companions.

How Do You Choose the Best Body Pillow?

I get it, body pillows are here to stay. You’ll probably use one for a long, long time. But here’s the problem: We’ve got far too many to choose from. That is why we are going to keep the best and weed out the rest.

How? Just follow few parameters and you’ll be good to go.

Pay Close Attention to the Shape and Size of the Cushion

Ideally, the bigger the size, the better it is for you. It should run down the whole body of yours. Remember, the “Big” size means you have more material inside (AKA the filling). Now, more material means more control. But it also means you’ll probably have to shed some bucks along the way.

While you are dwelling on the size, make sure you choose the shape of the pillow as well. People will find straight pillows very common. One might choose flat pillows too. My advice? Go for circular ones if you want stronger support and firm backing. Circular ones offer better protection for your knees.

If you want something for the upper body, I’ll advise you to go for “C” or “J” shaped ones. These are great when you need back support. They have a firm backing for your neck and shoulders as well.

For women, “U” shaped ones are the best, hands down!

Be Wise, Have a Peek Inside

You’d do well if you check on the filling before hitting the “Purchase” button. Believe me, what’s inside matters. For example, you get fibers that support your back and sensitive areas on one hand. On the other, you have fluffy pillows that are softer.

Foam-made pillows grant you more comfort than others. Memory foam pillows engulf your body and comfort you to the utmost degree.

They might cost you a few bucks though. But a true “Bang for the Bucks” is cotton body pillows. These are affordable. Also, one of these things can last the test of time (I am talking at least 5 to 7 years here).

If you are into “Light” body pillows, get Buckwheat. Duck feather is also a popular material. These are soft. You can also bet your money on comfort. However, let me warn you, these pillows can get very hot very quickly. Sleeping too long on these things might not be a pleasant experience.

So Why Am I Persuading You Over and Over to Get the Top Rated Body Pillow?

To be honest, there are more than one reasons. Since I am feeling generous today, let us go over few of them just so you are clear.

Body Cushions Relieve Extra Pressure from Joints

Many of us use normal pillows in our bedrooms. While these are cheap, these are firm as well. The result, our weak hips can’t take the firmness too well. The muscles are aggravated and we feel pain.

Moreover, if you have broad shoulders and squeeze the pillow onto your arm, you might feel numb. The body pillow is elongated and is long. That allows people to put it between their knees and achieve perfect spinal alignment (more on this later). This act releases pent up pressure from your hip joints. There’ll not be any knee strains. You’ll be able to relax just fine.

Body Pillow Solves the Alignment Problem

I’ve mentioned it before. The Top Body Pillow keeps you perfectly aligned.

But how?

Well, as it turns out, side sleepers rely too much on their upper torso. So much so that the weight pushes down on the hips. The result, backache, sore shoulders, hip pain, sore knee and what not?

Right body cushion here can keep you straight in your sleep. When people push it between their knees, they won’t be able to tilt to either left or right. Your back will remain at a perfect symmetry with your body. This actually benefits people with a backache. It is an effective exercise.

No Tossing and Turning

This is another perk of having a body pillow nearby. Let me explain it to you with a question tagged along. “Do you wrestle with your own bed while sleeping?” I know the answer.

No! Right?

Well, you toss and turn, don’t you? That’s my analogy right there.

What people do is they try to find the perfect sleeping posture. As they don’t have anything to hold on to, they can’t. A body pillow can easily be the steady thing that you desire. You can hold on to it and just fall asleep. The pillow will support you and comfort you.

Customizable Body Pillows Increase Comfort Level

Although limited in numbers, customizable pillows do exist. You just have to peel off the outer cover. These pillows give you the option to lessen the fillings inside. If it is cotton, you can take the excess part out. This adjusts the height and weight of the pillow.

With high-end feather pillows, decreasing density means your pillow will not grow as hot as it used to before you took out the filling. So, it is a definite plus.

Removing the filling allows people with lesser heights to hug the pillow easier. They can get their legs around the cushion easily. But hey, don’t throw away your fillings. Keep them around. Whenever you need a bit of fluffiness, put them back in.

Let Me Leave with a Thought

Body Pillow is probably more useful than you actually think it to be. One good product can ensure that you have years’ worth of sound sleep. But be wary of the fact that the best body pillow choices are hard to find. You need to take the material, comfort level, size, shape, and price into account.

If you go by me, I’d tell you to spend some bucks and find yourselves a product that lasts. There’s no point in buying flimsy pillows that would give in to wears and tears. If you are having trouble deciding which one to go for, take a look at my shortlist full of amazing products.

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